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Exclusive Service


Exclusive Service

Self Service

These ladies have completed surveys which are available on this page.
They are educated and attractive, with skills that are transferrable to working in the United States.
In this section you can open their personal webpage, look at their photos and read their surveys.
If you decide you’d like connect with one or more ladies, their contact information is available for the fees listed below.
$10 = Full name and contact information.  Her profile will remain on this website and other men can gain access to the contact information
$50 = Full name and contact information.  Her profile will be removed from this website so you have exclusive access.
We are providing verified contact information for each lady.  Once this has been purchased, there can be no refunds.
To agree and continue:  Click the appropriate box.

Exclusive Service

Exclusive Service

These ladies will be vetted by us. The most attractive and highest qualified ladies are reserved for this side of our service.

We will interview you and determine what is important to you in a relationship.

We will provide you with the profiles of the best matches available.
From that you can choose to whom you wish to be introduced.

We can do a 3-way Skype conversation to help keep the conversation flowing.

We will work with you to find the answers to questions you may have along the way.*

When you are ready to meet, we can suggest places and guide you through how to get the most out of your meeting.

If things progress to the point where you’d like to move forward in the relationship, we can put you in contact with our legal team to help you with the immigration / visa process.

(The visa process is not difficult, but it does take several months.) On a personal note, Jeanett and I knew we had a really good connection after our 3rd meeting. So we started the process in parallel with getting to know each other better. We can coach you through the paperwork process.

We will be your attentive personal assistant through the process for $500 per candidate.

We are providing verified contact information for each lady. Once this has been purchased, there can be no refunds.

To agree and continue: Click the box.
*If you desire professional photography, full background checks or other services, we will find professionals in your lady’s area and you can work with them directly.

Let’s Get Started Today!

Live to your “Full Potential”. Enjoy a satisfying life with someone you care deeply and who cares deeply about you. Begin your new journey today!

Degreed Ladies

Associate Degree | Bachelor Degree | Graduate Degree

Proficient in English

Can easily communicate in conversational English.


In a skill transferable to work in United States.

8-9-10 Beauty

Very physically attractive.


Physically healthy & Emotionally Stable.


Speaks, dresses and conduct herself appropriately for the situation.

How The Process Works

Jeanett guides you through a proven process of easy steps, bringing you closer to finding the “perfect” choice in a lifetime mate. She encourages you to take your time and guides you to the ultimate choice.


Getting to know you


Reviewing Candidates


Meeting the Candidates


Confirming Your Choice